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Hire Skilled Glaziers in Farnham, Surrey

For the assistance of experienced glaziers, look no further than S&C Windows Ltd. Based in Farnham, Surrey, our window fitters are talented in the installation of double glazing and replacement windows.

What We Offer

We’re equipped to install casement, tilt-and-turn, or sliding sash windows. The windows we provide are produced to immaculate standards and quality specifications.

Replace Existing Windows

We use 70mm profiles, which allow for the direct replacement of most types of window. “C” glass (fitted as standard) ensures your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Fit and Forget

Our modern, high-quality windows are efficient and durable. That means you won’t need to upgrade often.

Secure by Design

Our security handles, hinges, and hardware ensure that all our products outclass current industry requirements. Whether you are out of the house or asleep at night, our multi-point locking systems – with security shoot-bolts and dead-lock – ensure the safety of you and your family.

Energy Rated Windows

Replacement windows represent a significant investment of time and money to increase the quality of your home. With the right windows, your home is transformed into a place of comfort and warmth that you can be proud of. Poorly chosen windows spoil the appearance of your property and let in draughts, cold, and noise. Approximately 20% of the heat that escapes your home is lost through windows. That means, in the long term, it pays to make the right window selection.

What Are Energy Ratings?

Window Energy Ratings (WER) are a guide to the energy performance of your windows. The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) provides a window energy rating scheme which assesses all components to ensure the window achieves the energy-efficiency standard it claims. Simply look out for the A-to-G ratings and remember that A is best. The higher the energy rating, the more energy efficient the window is.

Exceeding the Regulations

The latest building regulations insist that all new homes possess windows with a C-rating at a minimum. This is a useful benchmark to consider when choosing replacement windows. Our windows feature an energy rating of A — the highest rating possible.

Sustainably Made

Rest assured that our manufacturing methods are sustainable. We use 100% recycled material when producing our PVC-U thermal inserts. Plus, all our components are manufactured to ISO14001 environmental performance standards.

How We Do It

Our windows exceed the ratings because they feature an advanced six-chamber outer-frame and PVC-U thermal inserts for A-rated thermal efficiency. Put simply, our frames are used to produce the most energy-efficient PVC-U double-glazed windows available in the UK.

Why Choose A?

There are many benefits to A rated double glazing. This includes:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: energy-efficient glazing could save you £130 per year in bills.
  • Warmer and More Comfortable: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat-loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • Environmentally Conscious: by using less fuel, you’ll generate less carbon dioxide (CO2) – a leading cause of global warming.
  • Peace and Quiet: as well as keeping in the heat, energy-efficient windows insulate your home against unwanted noise.

A Wise Investment

When installed correctly, energy-efficient windows can pay for themselves by lowering your heating and cooling costs. Combined with improved comfort and appearance, our high-performance windows are an investment that every home can benefit from.

Additional Services

In addition to window installations, our skilled team also offers robust door installation services.

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